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10 Wilmington Place


Comfortable Surroundings

Luxury living and top-notch amenities are at your fingertips.

You’ll immediately notice what makes 10 Wilmington Place unique. Our apartments feature high ceilings with towering windows that provide a lot of refreshing light, beautiful kitchen and bath areas, and spacious living areas.

Steps from your front door you can enjoy the many large, well-appointed common areas with stunning décor that is inviting and cozy. We’ve kept the charm of our historic building while making sure it has all the modern upgrades you expect. Who says luxury can’t be affordable? Not us! Take it all in—you’ve earned it.

Enjoy reading a book in one of our relaxing reading rooms at 10 Wilmington Place
enjoy a relaxing night of drinks at 10 Wilmington Place
enjoy playing board games at 10 Wilmington Place
enjoy games like Billiards at 10 Wilmington Place
enjoy a round of drinks and fun with friends at 10 Wilmington Place
Kick Back, Relax, and enjoy some t.v time in the library at 10 Wilmington Place

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