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The management team at 10 Wilmington Place is dedicated to making our senior living community one that each resident is proud to call “home.’’

The seniors and families we serve find it reassuring to know that so many of our managers and staff have been at 10 Wilmington Place for a number of years—something that is a rarity in many other senior living communities. This level of expertise and continuity allows us to provide the very best senior living experience for our residents and the peace of mind their family members desire.


Michele Brooke

Executive Director

Michele Brooke is a dedicated long-term care professional with 25+ years of service to our older adult population. Michele earned her Master’s Degree in Gerontology from Miami University in 1992. Michele has been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator since 1993 and attained her Certification as an Assisted Living Executive in 2013. Michele has the heart for our seniors and approaches each day with a compassionate spirit for her team, families and front line staff.   Michele is new to 10 Wilmington Place since January of 2021 and feels comfortable and thankful to be part of such a great community. Michele was previously with the Kettering Health Network since 2006 and since 2011 was responsible for the day to day operations at Sycamore Glen Retirement Community. Michele is pleased to have had a deficiency free survey history, longevity among staff, low turnover rates across all departments, and established relationships with residents and families. Michele looks forward to building great relationships with everyone at 10 Wilmington Place.

Danielle Oliver

Director of Nursing

Danielle is known as Dani and she is the 4th of nine children, but most think she is the oldest.  Dani has worked in the medical field since she was 19 years old and she has the heart of a nurse along with the compassion for our older adult population.   Danielle has demonstrated leadership during her 25-year tenure with hands-on experience that helps her connect with residents, staff, and family members.  Dani worked as a lead day shift floor nurse in an Assisted Living Community here in the Dayton area until she was promoted to Wellness Director in December 2019.  Dani states that her passion has always been caring for others and giving of herself.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Myra smiles for a picture

Myra Lowden

Director of Sales & Marketing, 9 years

Myra Lowden has been a friendly face at 10 Wilmington Place for the past nine years in her roles as a Senior Living Counselor and Director of Sales & Marketing. While caring for her own parents before they passed, Myra gained a good deal of insight into the struggles families can go through when trying to navigate senior living and care options for their loved ones. She shares, “Having been in their shoes, I try to comfort stressed families with my knowledge of the senior living industry so they can find a solution, not only for the senior but for the entire family as well.” When it came time for her own father-in-law to transition from his home into a senior living community, of course, there was only one choice; 10 Wilmington Place was his home for several years. Coming from a close-knit family with five siblings, Myra really values the family-owned difference at 10 Wilmington Place. “I love that not only is 10 Wilmington Place family-owned, but the relationships between the staff and residents also have a true family feel,” she says. Myra is very proud of her five children and eight grandchildren (and counting)! When not with their children, she and her husband, Kevin, enjoy dining out with friends, playing golf, and the occasional trip to the casino.

A female employee named Dolores in a pink shirt at 10 Wilmington Place smiles for a picture

Dolores Kramer

Sales Counselor, 7 years

After working as a legal secretary for 14 years and a stay-at-home mom for 4 years, Dolores Kramer decided to join 10 Wilmington Place as a part-time evening receptionist. She quickly fell in love with the residents, and our community and was eventually promoted to Move-In Coordinator, and now is a Senior Living Counselor. After 7+ years 10 Wilmington Place feels like home to Dolores. “I believe in this community and that the Seniors who live here enjoy the highest standard of personal dignity, respect, and compassion. Beyond all of the physical beauty of the community, 10 Wilmington Place improves the experience of our residents by giving them a place they are proud to call home,” she says. When not at work, Dolores enjoys spending time with her husband, 4 sons, dog, cat, and family in Cleveland. She also enjoys reading, cooking, and gardening.


Robin Sisk

Senior Living Counselor

Robin Sisk has worked in a sales role for over 20 years but is new to 10 Wilmington Place. When Robin’s grandmother became ill, and eventually needed hospice care, she admired the integrity of the caregivers and the compassionate care her grandmother received. “I knew then that I wanted to be a part of a team who gave so much of themselves to help others, and I have found just that at 10 Wilmington Place,” she said. “I love being able to assist seniors and help them better understand the value of retirement community living.” In her spare time, Robin loves hanging out with her family, especially her four grandkids. She also enjoys working out, crocheting, and yard work.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Keith smiles for the camera

Keith Davis

Executive Chef, 20 years

Keith Davis likely didn’t envision that he’d use his Culinary Arts degree at a senior living community when he graduated from the prestigious Johnson & Wales University. However, when a national recruiter reached out to him to discuss the Executive Chef position at 10 Wilmington Place over 20 years ago, he decided the time was right to transition from the hotel and hospitality industry and take on a new challenge. He shares, “It stood out to me that it’s family owned. They have always had a certain reputation in the Dayton area that it’s not your typical retirement community.” Today, Chef Keith is as committed as ever to providing the very best dining experience for the residents of 10 Wilmington Place. In addition to leading the culinary team in daily meal preparation, Keith makes a point to meet with residents regularly, not only for feedback, but to incorporate some of their favorite recipes into the menu. “The homestyle meals are some of the most requested, like our fried chicken, meatloaf, and spaghetti with meatballs—a lot of comfort food,” he says. Keith jokes that he has no free time because when he’s not in the kitchen at 10 Wilmington Place, he’s busy teaching culinary classes at Sinclair Community College. When he does manage to find a spare moment, he also enjoys spending time with his family.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Karen smiles for a picture

Karen Haverland

Activity Director, 10 years

Karen Haverland, arguably, may have the very best management position at 10 Wilmington Place. After all, her job is to have fun! As the Director of Activities for the past eight years, she leads a team of six whose sole task is to ensure every resident has daily opportunities to have fun, learn something new, stay active, and engage with their peers in meaningful ways. Karen shares, “My position allows me to see so many seniors really embrace their lives and reinvent themselves with new friends and activities. I’m so inspired by our seniors. This community truly cares about each other and the other residents’ success here.” As if she’s not busy enough planning and running activities, Karen stays active outside of 10 Wilmington Place, too. When not spending time with her grown sons, Charlie and Peter, she enjoys walking, biking, painting, swimming, and yoga.

Jill Bachelder

Dining Room Manager, 3 years

Bill Dennis

Director of Maintenance, 11 years

Shannon Romeo

Memory Care Manager

Darlene Hammond

Housekeeping Manager, 15 years

Karen Mahan

Business Office Manager, 22 years

Heidi Stiltner

Human Resource Supervisor

Evelyn Robinson

Assistant Director of Nursing

Matt Mancz


Joe Williams

Owner and Managing Partner