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The management team at 10 Wilmington Place is dedicated to making our senior living community one that each resident is proud to call “home.’’

The seniors and families we serve find it reassuring to know that so many of our managers and staff have been at 10 Wilmington Place for a number of years—something that is a rarity in many other senior living communities. This level of expertise and continuity allows us to provide the very best senior living experience for our residents and the peace of mind their family members desire.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Dani smiles for a picture

Dani Jacoby

Executive Director, 10 Years

Dani Jacoby began her career at 10 Wilmington Place in 2009 as the Controller, putting her former background as a CPA in the multinational accounting firm, Price Waterhouse, to excellent use. She was promoted to the role of Executive Director in 2013, an ideal position for her—just ask her husband of 27 years. As Dani shares with a smile, “My husband says that I’m really good at telling people what to do, so my job suits me well.” In addition to working with each department head to collaborate on ways to achieve high levels of resident/family satisfaction, she also works closely with the owners of 10 Wilmington Place to ensure it’s positioned as the premier senior living community in the Miami Valley. Dani feels privileged to work for the Humphries/Williams family. Of the ownership, Dani says, “Our owners listen. They care. They put resources back into this community. I thank them for letting me be an active part of that.” When she’s not at 10 Wilmington Place, Dani spends quality time with her husband and three grown daughters. She also enjoys directing her church choir, hiking, gardening, cooking, and reading.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Heather smiles fo a picture

Heather Blevins

Director of Sales and Marketing, 1+ years

Heather Blevins joined the 10 Wilmington Place team in early 2018 with nearly 20 years of sales and operations experience in the senior living industry. However, her passion for serving seniors actually began years before, when she volunteered at a local nursing home while in middle and high school. Heather shares, “I’ve always been drawn to seniors, and that began at a young age for me. I love hearing their stories, and I appreciate their experience and wisdom. Seniors have a lot to teach us.” As the Director of Sales and Marketing, Heather has the opportunity to put her extensive senior living knowledge to its best use—helping seniors and their families learn more about the benefits of residing in senior living community. “A lot of times, 10 Wilmington Place will be the ideal fit, but if it isn’t, I’ll help the family find the right solution elsewhere. I really just want to help as many seniors as possible find a higher quality of life than they may have living in their home alone,” she says. In her free time, Heather spends time with her husband, Jason, their two daughters, and their English bulldog, Oliver. Her other passions include cooking, karaoke, reading, and her newest interest, gardening.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Myra smiles for a picture

Myra Lowden

Senior Living Specialist, 7 years

Myra Lowden has been a friendly face at 10 Wilmington Place for the past seven years in her role as a Senior Living Specialist. While caring for her own parents before they passed, Myra gained a good deal of insight into the struggles families can go through when trying to navigate senior living and care options for their loved ones. She shares, “Having been in their shoes, I try to comfort stressed families with my knowledge of the senior living industry so they can find a solution, not only for the senior but for the entire family as well.” When it came time for her own father-in-law to transition from his home into a senior living community, of course, there was only one choice; 10 Wilmington Place has been his home for more than a year now. Coming from a close-knit family with five siblings, Myra really values the family-owned difference at 10 Wilmington Place. “I love that not only is 10 Wilmington Place family-owned, but the relationships between the staff and residents also have a true family feel,” she says. Myra is very proud of her five children and seven grandchildren (and counting)! When not with their children, she and her husband, Kevin, enjoy dining out with friends, playing golf, and the occasional trip to the casino.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Jenny smiles for a picture

Jenny Jacques

Senior Living Specialist, 2 years

Jenny Jacques joined the 10 Wilmington Place team after a highly successful 30-year career in radio advertising sales. Looking for a change of pace in 2017, Jenny wasn’t quite sure what she would end up doing next. Thankfully, fate intervened. She shares, “I took a tour of 10 Wilmington Place when a friend was looking into senior living for her dad. I loved the property and the people I met when I was here… it was kismet! Soon after, I applied for the Senior Living Specialist position, and I was lucky enough to get the job.” Jenny took to the position like a fish to water. She says that her favorite part of the job is meeting so many new and interesting people. “I enjoy hearing the stories of how a couple met, or what someone did in their younger years for work. I love helping seniors continue to have full lives here at 10 Wilmington Place, where they can focus on fun rather than the stresses of home upkeep,” she says. In her free time, Jenny likes to stay active. She works out several times each week and plays in a weekly women’s golf league. Jenny and her husband, Mike, also enjoy spending time with their family, especially their young grandchildren.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Keith smiles for the camera

Keith Davis

Executive Chef, 20 years

Keith Davis likely didn’t envision that he’d use his Culinary Arts degree at a senior living community when he graduated from the prestigious Johnson & Wales University. However, when a national recruiter reached out to him to discuss the Executive Chef position at 10 Wilmington Place over 20 years ago, he decided the time was right to transition from the hotel and hospitality industry and take on a new challenge. He shares, “It stood out to me that it’s family owned. They have always had a certain reputation in the Dayton area that it’s not your typical retirement community.” Today, Chef Keith is as committed as ever to providing the very best dining experience for the residents of 10 Wilmington Place. In addition to leading the culinary team in daily meal preparation, Keith makes a point to meet with residents regularly, not only for feedback, but to incorporate some of their favorite recipes into the menu. “The homestyle meals are some of the most requested, like our fried chicken, meatloaf, and spaghetti with meatballs—a lot of comfort food,” he says. One of his favorite resident requests was for a dessert called “hillbilly wedding cake.” Keith jokes that he has no free time because when he’s not in the kitchen at 10 Wilmington Place, he’s busy teaching culinary classes at Sinclair Community College. When he does manage to find a spare moment, he also enjoys spending time with his family.

A 10 Wilmington Place employee named Karen smiles for a picture

Karen Haverland

Lifestyle Director, 8 years

Karen Haverland, arguably, may have the very best management position at 10 Wilmington Place. After all, her job is to have fun! As the Director of Activities for the past eight years, she leads a team of six whose sole task is to ensure every resident has daily opportunities to have fun, learn something new, stay active, and engage with their peers in meaningful ways. Karen shares, “My position allows me to see so many seniors really embrace their lives and reinvent themselves with new friends and activities. I’m so inspired by our seniors. This community truly cares about each other and the other residents’ success here.” As if she’s not busy enough planning and running activities, Karen stays active outside of 10 Wilmington Place, too. When not spending time with her grown sons, Charlie and Peter, she enjoys walking, biking, painting, swimming, and yoga.

Jill Bachelder

Dining Room Manager, 1+ years

Bill Dennis

Director of Maintenance, 10 years

Courtney Gould

Memory Care Coordinator, 4 years

Darlene Hammond

Housekeeping Supervisor, 13 years

Dolores Kramer

Move-in Coordinator, 6 years

Karen Mahan

Executive Assistant, 21 years

Christine Morris

HR Director and Controller, 6 years

Joe Williams

Owner and Managing Partner