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10 Wilmington Place


Meet Our Owners

The family feel and atmosphere of 10 Wilmington Place was set by owners Barry and Marilyn Humphries when they opened in 1986.

Their goal was to create an environment their own parents and they, themselves, could enjoy one day. Marilyn’s mother was part of the Assisted Living community for four years, and The Josephine Memory Care Center was built in honor of Barry’s mother, who battled Alzheimer’s for 14 years. Unfortunately, she was not alive to experience the compassionate, specialized care. Barry and Marilyn are not only owners, they are also now residents of the community. You’ll often see them coming and going from the Owner’s Suite.

Barry and Marylin Humphries, the owners of 10 Wilmington Place
Barry, hugging a 10 Wilmington Place  Resident
Barry greeting a 10 Wilmington Place Resident
The Humphries family all together at 10 Wilmington Place
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