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10 Wilmington Place


Because We Are Family

Our residents are part of our family, and we care for each of them that way.

More than 30 years ago, Barry Humphries had a vision to build a one-of-a-kind retirement community that would offer top-notch care and amenities at an affordable price. That still holds true today. 10 Wilmington Place is family owned and operated and will remain that way. Barry, his wife Marilyn and their extended family are devoted to the residents, their families, staff and the surrounding community.

It is not unusual to find Mr. Humphries visiting with residents, sharing stories and instilling a sincere sense of family that can be felt the second you walk onto the breathtaking campus. It’s no wonder why many people who now call 10 Wilmington Place home admit they moved here because of Barry’s continued dedication to making this the best senior living community in the Dayton area.


Meet our owners Barry and Marilyn Humphries at 10 Wilmington Place

Meet Our Owners Barry and Marilyn Humphries are dedicated to creating an exceptional assisted living facility.

Meet our residents at 10 Wilmington Place

Meet Our Residents These are the people that make 10 Wilmington Place the active, friendly and exciting community that it is!

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